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  AutoNC    NC Software for Machine Shop  &  Making 2D Profile NCdata






  The software can't be used any more after October 14th.
  Please contact us if you want to use continuously.  ( it becomes charged for )

     How to install product     How to accept license

   Free software for NC machine.
   Download and use freely.

  It opens all software freely until the main stream support end date ( October 13th,2020 ) of Windows 10.

   Dig slot   (Offse G41,G42) or (Tool center)    Ramping cut
           Tool center is better than offset.

  (Square hole  Long hole  Corner cut  Key groove  Channel shape   U groove   Lshaped  Line)

  Dig slot (Offse G41,G42)  Inside to Outside


  Deep hole cycle ia added to Square hole.

  Rotation of X-Y plane is OK.
 Ramping cutting is possible to process in short time without a prepared hole.

  Please use the NC data for the confirmation for chamfering.

   Key groove roughing(video)   Key groove Continuation(video)   Long location hole(video)

   Square hole(video)   Key groove (video)   Corner shape(video) 

   Corner cut        Key groove          Square hole       Long hole
 四角 穴加工  
     Key groove
    Square hole       Channel shape               Long location hole

 ≪Common feature≫

 ◎ It creates 3 NC data at the same time.

 @ NC data for confirm roughing cut …… It moves from above a surface.
 A NC data for roughing cut …… After @ You can move NC machine without man.
 B NC data for finishing cut  …… After A You can move NC machine without man.

 ◎Ramping cutting is possible.

 ◎Rotation of X-Y plane is OK.

  ◎ It displays time and length of cut.

  ◎ It is possible to display NC data.

  ◎ It is possible to edit NC data.

  Because of offset processing, it goes from inside to outside.

 Square hole

   Square hole  Roughing                  from inside to outside          Corner cutting  Roughing

 Long hole
     Long hole   Roughin

 Channel shap
   Channel shape  Roughing

 U groove
    U groove  Roughing

 L shaped
    L shaped   Roughing

 Line cut
    Line cut  Roughing


  Dig slot (Tool center)  Outside to Inside


    Dig slot(Tool center)+Axis rotation (Video)

  Because of tool center processing, it goes from outside to inside.

 Square hole
      Square hole  Roughing                         From outside to inside
   A path is computed automatically with a charge for the remainder inside.

 Long hole
     Long hole   Roughing

 Channel shap

     Channel shape   Roughing

 U groove
     U groove   Roughing

 L shaped
    L shaped   Roughing

 Line cut
    Line cutting    Roughing

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