Chamfer Cutting
During the construction
  AutoNC    NC Software for Machine Shop  &  Making 2D Profile NCdata






  The software can't be used any more after October 14th.
  Please contact us if you want to use continuously.  ( it becomes charged for )

     How to install product     How to accept license

   Free software for NC machine.
   Download and use freely.

  It opens all software freely until the main stream support end date ( October 13th,2020 ) of Windows 10.

  Chamfer plane, Arbitrary angle, R chamfer → Radius end mill, Ball end mill


video Roughing  small chamfer(video)   Chamfer roughing.  Change of path 2→1(video)

   Arbitrary angle,  large plane,  change of path 3→2(video)  Arbitrary angle finishing,  ball end mill(video)

 Roughing ( Radius end mill)   Arbitrary angle  Rchamfer ( Ball end mil)

   Escape cutting of Scrap cutter        Stamping die 

 Chamfer        Escape shape (Roughing only)  Finishing of plane

 Finishing of arbitrary angle   Roughing of arbitrary angle      Chamfer

 Chamfer Roughing only    Test of roughing cut by changing z down value.

  Execution screen

 「NC display」   Tool movement by side view. ( light blue )   Yellow is tool tipdiameter

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