Slide Cutting
During the construction
  AutoNC    NC Software for Machine Shop  &  Making 2D Profile NCdata






  The software can't be used any more after October 14th.
  Please contact us if you want to use continuously.  ( it becomes charged for )

     How to install product     How to accept license

   Free software for NC machine.
   Download and use freely.

  It opens all software freely until the main stream support end date ( October 13th,2020 ) of Windows 10.

  ( Slide  Diagonal line  L guide  Heel guide  Plunge-milling )
      【 1 side 】              【 2 side 】 【 3 side 】


  Narrow slide cutting(video)   Heel guide(video) 30Φ interval 1o F4000

  Application of Heel guide (video)

   Slide cutting(video)  It reduced the deceleration, lowering Z in a 3 axes movement.
                Tool 65Φ notch 2mm  Feed  F8000

Slide cutting  ( Rapid move )  Application of Heel guide   Heel guide

 Menu of Slide

 【 1 side 】   Slide   Diagonal line   Plunging

 【 2 side 】   L guide

 【 3 side 】   Heel guilde

 ≪Common feature≫

 ◎ It creates 4 NC data at the same time.

 @ NC data for check roughing cut  …… It moves from above a surface.
 A NC data for roughing cut  …… After @ You can move NC machine without man.
     【It cut from above several o pace with a radius tool.】
 B NC data for check finishing cut   …… It moves from above a surface.
 C NC data for finishing cut  …… After B You can move NC machine without man.
     【 It cut a side with a spiral end-mill.】

  ◎ It displays time and length of cut.

  ◎ It is possible to display NC data.

  ◎ It is possible to edit NC data.

 Slide cutting  (Offset)  Execution screen

 It is shortest cutting to prevent a cutter interference in anarrow place.

 「Roughing display」 Execution screen

 【 1 side 】  Diagonal line  Roughing
  【 2 side 】  L guide   Roughing        【 3 side 】   Heel guide   Roughing

 Plunge-milling   「Roughing  Display」  Execution screen
    Roughing   4mm pace   1 direction 

   Finishing  1mm pace  Round-trip

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