AutoNC    NC Software for Machine Shop  &  Making 2D Profile NCdata






  The software can't be used any more after October 14th.
  Please contact us if you want to use continuously.  ( itbecomes charged for )

     How to install product     How to accept license

   Free software for NC machine.
   Download and use freely.

  It opens all software freely until the main stream support  end date ( October 13th, 2020 ) of Windows 10.

    AutoNC [NC Software for Machine Shop] is  CAM  software for a machine operator.

     It is possible to make the NC data within 1 minute and to  cut it automatic.
     AutoNC is the evolution form the NC macro.
     It installs in a DNC personal computer and so on.

NC software for Machine Shop
  = Automatic parametric modeling + Automatic NC data creating +Optimization of cutting + Safety  + Within 1 minute

  If it fits your work, it is possible to makes it short to 1/2  to  1/10 at the same work.
  There are 16 software in all.

 Making 2D Profile NC data

    2D Profile cutting offset(G41,G42) NC data making engine[PROCAM-2D]

  This software is specialized to the interference  computation to create the NC data for an offset.
   It complements the part of the interference computationof  other CAD/CAM system.
   This software doesn't have a CAD part.
   It inputs the zero-line NC data from other CAD/CAM  system previously.

   This software was born from the actual test of milling  stamping die over 1000 times.
   It makes any figure NC data automatically.

  < Good Point >  Please look in a video   and    YouTube

   Because it is used in machine shop, It is possible to  >>>

  Unmanned milling of a narrow place
       video   Herical cut for deep place  Slide milling for narraw  space  Side cutter

  ●High-speed milling
      video  Herical cut  Slide milling  Φ20 Hole Herical

             Roughing for profile Herical  Chamfer rough   Inside R rough

  ●Move without a waste
     video  Herical deep hole cycle  Slot rough  Diagonal cut

         Outside R rough  Outside R finish  Square slot

  ●Milling without an accident
         The NC data for the confirmation is created to discover the  mistake of a input data and interference of a narrow place.
         It is possible to mill automatically if using the NC data for the  confirmation and drawing the NC data.

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