Helical Cutting
During the construction

  AutoNC    NC Software for Machine Shop  &  Making2DProfileNCdata






  The software can't be used any more after October 14th.
  Please contact us if you want to use continuously.  ( it becomes charged for )

     How to install product     How to accept license

   Free software for NC machine.
   Download and use freely.

  It opens all software freely until the main stream support end date ( October 13th,2020 ) of Windows 10.


 You can select tool center or offset(G41).

  Rapid helical (video)  Rapid helical 2 (video)  Profile roughing (video)  Profile roughing 2 (video)

  Deep place hole (video)  Φ20 reference hole (video)   Roughing for button die (video)

  Deep hole cycle (video)   Deep hole cycle  ball end mill (video)

 円のヘリカル加工 円切削 ヘリカル切削
               Helical             pitch
 Deep place hole   20Φ reference hole   Profile roughing ( Get hole center point by [Roughing Profilesoftware] )
   Button-die       Make plane for drilling    Helical cut

 Helical hole cut (tool center)    Execution screen


 ◎  It creates 3 NC data at the same time.

 @  NC data for confirm roughing cut …… It move every first center position.
 A  NC data no.2 for confirm roughing cut  …  It makes a plane for center drill.
                                          It digs several mm depth.
 B  NC data              …… After @ You can move NC machine without  man.

 ◎ It generates a path automatically from a tool diameter and hole diameter.
   You can cut phi 150 hole using phi 50 tool automatically by herical cut. (tool center)

  ◎ It is possible to read the positioning NC data and EXCEL position data.

  ◎ It is possible to move deep hole cycle like a drill.

  ◎ It displays time and length of cut.

  ◎ It is possible to display NC data.

  ◎ It is possible to edit NC data.

 「NC display」 Tool center

 When a diameter is big,it makes a tool path as not remaining inside.

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